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There is one race, and that is the human race

  ‘There is one race, and that is the human race’ No matter how many times we say the above, there are a minority amongst us who continue to spread hate.  It is unfortunate that based on what makes us unique and different, people continue to discriminate and oppress – whether that is because someone … Continue reading There is one race, and that is the human race

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The Bystander Effect

  The Bystander Effect The Bystander Effect takes place when you have many people witnessing an emergency or crisis event and assume that since so many people are around, someone else will handle the situation. The psychologists behind the bystander effect are Bibb Latané and John Darley, famous for their theory on what happened to … Continue reading The Bystander Effect

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Happy Valentine’s…? Valentines Day isn’t hearts and flowers for everyone

‘But I love you!’ Hearing this after an abusive incident can counter-act the abuse that took place.  It can cause some victims to put the hurt, the chaos, those feelings of unworthiness to one side to give their partner another chance. When you hear the words ‘domestic abuse’ you might visualise a woman being pushed … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s…? Valentines Day isn’t hearts and flowers for everyone

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World Hijab Day

World Hijab Day happens every year on 1st February. It’s brilliant that when you look on their website you can find images of Scottish politicians supporting this initiative. Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh, MP for Ochil and South Perthshire says ‘Given the current climate, World Hijab Day is of even greater importance. We must stand up and … Continue reading World Hijab Day

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Tackling FGM in Scotland

Tackling FGM in Scotland Female Genital Mutilation or Cutting is a form of violence against women which does affect women living in Scotland. It’s an abuse of the human rights of women and girls, and as such, Amina has worked on this issue any times over the years. We are listed as a source of … Continue reading Tackling FGM in Scotland

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